KEY 10





I. Choose the word which is pronounced OR stressed differently from the others:

1.       A. six                                          B. dinner                                C. kitchen                              D. climb

2.       A. lead                                       B. break                                C. heat                                   D. meat

3.       A. question                               B. arrive                                 C. exciting                             D. routine

4.       A. tobacco                                B. harrow                             C. neighbor                           D. children


II. Choose the right word that best completes the sentence :

5.       If the rain doesn't come, farmers will have to _______ water into their fields.

      A. harrow                                      B. plough                             C. pump                                D. go off

6.        The alarm rings at 4.30.

      A. goes on                                     B. goes wrong                     C. goes off                            D. goes away

7.       My sister's job is so _______. It's the same thing day after day.

      A. exciting                                     B. boring                             C. interesting                         D. satisfying

8.       In the past, most _______ didn't earn enough to feed themselves.

      A. buffalo                                     B. man                                 C. peasants                           D. girls

9.       Mr. Vy sometimes has a friendly _______ with his neighbors over a cup of tea in the evening.

      A. interview                                   B. speak                               C. chat                                   D. talk


III. Choose the correct form of the word to fill in the blanks:

10.    They __________ all the requirements for the job.

      A. satisfies                                     B. satisfaction                    C. satisfying                          D. satisfy

11.    It’s a little too hot for ___________.

      A. comfort                                    B. comforts                         C. comfortably                    D. comfortable

12.    This is an __________ film.

      A. interest                                      B. interesting                     C. interested                          D. interests


IV. Choose the underlined part (A, B, C or D) that is incorrect

13.She has breakfast at 8.30, then  go to work immediately.

                           A                        B      C                    D

14. My aunt is very interested in open a new bar but she doesn’t have enough money.

              A                     B                  C                                          D

15.    I get up on six in the morning at weekdays

   A        B              C                   D


V. Read the passage and  choose the best answer and fill in the blanks :

David is a bank manager and Rosa is a doctor in a large hospital. David gets (16)____at 7:30 am and has a shower. He (17) ______ home at 8:30 and goes to work by train. He arrives at the bank at 9:00.Rosa gets up at 9:30 because she doesn't start work until 1:00 in the afternoon. She catches the bus to the hospital at 12:15.

David (18) ____ work at 5:30 pm and does the shopping in a supermarket near the bank. Then he goes home and (19) ____ the dinner. He eats alone in the kitchen at 7:00 and then usually watches TV in the living room until Rosa arrives home at 10:00. She often has her dinner in front of the TV. David goes to bed at 11:00, (20) ____ Rosa usually goes to bed a bit later.


16.    A. on                                      B. up                                      C. in                                        D. off

17.    A. leaves                               B. arrived                              C. comes                               D. goes

18.    A. starts                                 B. begins                                C. finishes                             D. like

19.    A. has                                     B. eats                                    C. cooks                                D. does

20.    A. so that                               B. if                                        C. because                            D. but


VI. Read the passage and answer the questions below :

Mrs. Brown’s old grandfather lived with her and her husband. Every morning he went for a walk in the park and came home at half past twelve for his lunch. But one morning a police car stopped outside Mrs. Brown’s house at twelve o’clock, two police helped Mr. Brown to get out. One of them said to Mrs. Brown “The poor old gentleman lost his way in the park and telephoned to us for help, so we sent a car to bring him home.” Mrs. Brown was very surprised, but she thanked the policemen and they left. “But grandfather,” she then said, “you have been to that park nearly every day for twenty years. How did you lose your way there?” The old man smiled, closed one eye and said, “I didn’t quite lose my way. I just got tired and I didn’t want to walk home.”

21.    What did Mrs. Brown’s old grandfather go to the park for?

        A. for pleasure                      B.  for a walk                       C.  for amusement              D.  for recreation

22.     What happened to him one morning?

        A.  He lost his way                                                               B.  He was too tired to walk home

        C.  He came home for lunch                                             d.  He wanted to stay in the park

23.    How did Mrs. Brown feel?

        A.  very surprised                 B.  normal                             C.  calm                 D.  interesting

24.    What did the two policemen  do ?

        A. They received Mr. Brown’s call for help                    B.  They helped Mr. Brown to get out of the park

        C. They sent a car to bring him home                             D.  All are correct

25.    Which of the following is not true ?

        A. People walk in the park for fresh air                           B.  Mr. Brown didn’t quite lose his way

        C. He didn’t want to go home on foot                            D.  Parks are for children only




I. Give the correct tense of the verbs in brackets : ( rewrite the whole sentences )

26.    I (not be) here last week.


27.    My mother (work) all day yesterday.


28.    The price of gold (go) up for the last few years.


29.    I often (go) jogging with my sister when she was here.


30.    Your little sister (like) lemon juice ?



II. Give the correct prepositions :

31.    Mary used to be very interested ______IN___________ reading comic books.

32.    It takes me 45 minutes to get______READY_________.

33.    What lesson do you have ___AT ____ 8.40 am on Monday?

34.    Her birthday is ______ON________ Valentine’s day.

35.    We never go on holidays ____IN______ winter


III. Put the adverb of frequency into the correct place:

36.    He doesn’t take his children to school. ( normally)

He doesn’t NORMALLY  take his children to school

37.    These farmers are contented with their farm work. ( sometimes)

These farmers are SOMETIMES  contented with their farm work

38.    Is John away from home? ( frequently)

Is John FREQUENTLY away from home?

39.    He repeats all what he can hear. ( as a rule )

AS A RULE, he repeats all what he can hear.

40.    I am not here at weekdays ( often)

I am not OFTEN here at weekdays.


IV. Make Wh- questions for the underlined words: 

41.    She washes her face every morning


42.    The teacher has talked to him for an hour.


43.    He didn’t come in time because of the heavy traffic.


44.    They have English class two days a week.


45.    Our father will arrive in London tomorrow.



V. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets:

46.    Anita enjoys ( listen) ____LISTENING_____ to music when she’s doing homework.

47.    He kept on ( talk) ____TALKING____ although nobody was listening to him.

48.    The company doesn’t mind ( spend) ___SPENDING______ more money on advertising.

49.    I want ( finish) ___TO WORK______ work early today.

50.    Would you like ( play) _____TO PLAY_____ chess with me?