KEY ma de 001

DE THI HK II KHOI 10 (2013-2014) - ma de 001


I.       Pronunciation

1.      A. stops                             B. news                        C. sits                           D. walks

2.      A. character                       B. achieve                   C. architect                  D. scholar

3.      A. title                               B. cinema                    C. participate               D. eliminate


II.    Stress

4.      A. historical                       B. behavior                  C. century                   D. original

5.      A. organize                        B. billion                      C. volunteer                D. victory

6.      A. trophy                           B. champion                C. event                       D. tournament


III. Word form

7.      He has got great _______ in science.

A. achievable                     B. achieve                    C. achieved                  D. achievement.

8.      They danced beautifully and _____

A. attractive                       B. attractively             C. attracted                  D. attracting

9.      How many _____ took part in the game last night?

A. compete                        B. competition             C. competitors            D. competitive


IV.  Word choice

10.  Actors are those who appear in front of a camera and take part of the characters in a film.

A. scriptwriters                  B. cinematographers    C. persons in a film     D. directors

11.  The team which was defeated in the final match was called ______.

A. the winner                     B. the champion          C. the hero                   D. the runner-up

12.  The stone stelae were engraved with the names of the top students.

A. washed                          B. shown                     C. printed                     D. carved


V.     Expressions of quantity

13.  How ______ children do they have ?

A. Little                             B. many                       C. some                       D. much

14.  The shop is very noisy and crowded. There are _______ customers there.

A. many                            B. much                       C. a little                      D. a few

15.  Would you like to have_______ coca cola now?

A. any                                B. some                       C. a few                                   D. little


VI.   Cloze text

In 1904, FIFA, the governing body for football, was set up. At its first meeting, FIFA (16) _____ to organize a world championship. But it was not until 1930 (17) ____ the first World Cup was held. Only 13 teams took part in the first (18) _____. The host nation, Uruguay, gained a victory (19) _____ Argentina in the final and became the first champion in the history of the World Cup. By 2002, the world had witnessed 17 World Cup tournaments. (20) _____ football teams must now compete in elimination games within their own regions before becoming one of the 32 finalists.


16.  A. planned                         B. plans                       C. has planned             D. will plan

17.  A. when                             B. which                      C. that                         D. where

18.  A. tournament                  B. competition             C. contest                     D. half

19.  A. of                                  B. over                        C. in                             D. for

20.  A. Nation                           B. National                  C. Nationally               D. International


VII.           Reading text

Up to now, there are still many people thinking films are things that are made to be shown on screen for entertainment. It is not right. There are many other kinds of films that are made for other purposes. For example, educational films are made for schools. They are about the certain subjects that students are learning. Industry needs training films which introduce about machinery and equipment, and how to operate and work on them. Documentary films present factual events and circumstances of a social, political, or historical nature. It is films that help us widen our knowledge of countries, cultures and people. Sitting on an armchair in front of a TV set, a viewer can enjoy the beauty of nature all over the world, see many historic spots, and meet a lot of interesting people. A film, either good or bad, is the result of the collaboration of many individuals with many different specific skills talents. And we, the viewers, should choose only suitable films to enjoy.

21.  According to the passage, films are made ________________.

      A. only for entertainment                                         B. to be shown in cinemas

      C. to help students learn foreign languages               D. for many different purposes

22.  Educational films are made ________________.

      A. for training workers                                             B. to entertain students

      C. for teaching and learning                                   D. for industry.

23.  Documentary films ________________.

      A. deal with factual people and events                    B. are used for training in industry

      C. play an important part in film industry                 D. require a lot of actors and actresses

24.  Making a film ________________.

      A. requires a lot of money and efforts

      B. involves the talents of many people

      C. can take a lot of time

      D. is collaboration between filmmakers and viewers

25.  Which of the following statements is not mentioned in the passage?

      A. Not all films are made to be shown in cinemas.

      B. You can learn a lot about other countries by seeing films.

      C. Foreign films are necessary for people who learn foreign languages.

      D. The finished film is not the work of a single person.



  1. Listening    UNIT 16 ( 2 DOAN CUOI )

1.      Hoi An is famous for its old temples, pagodas, houses and ……NARROW…… streets.

2.      The Japanese Covered Bridge which was built in the 16th ……CENTURY….. is still well-preserved.

3.      The Assembly Hall of Cantonese Chinese Congregation still keeps many ……PRECIOUS… objects.   

4.      Tan Ky House was ……CONSTRUCTED….. nearly two centuries ago.

5.      Hoi An has become a popular tourist …DESTINATION…… in VN.


  1. Give the correct verb tenses :

1.      The woman (disappear) ……DISAPPEARED…..after she had been chased for a while.

2.      I (not like)……DON’T LIKE….. violent films.

3.      (She, find)……HAS SHE FOUND…….. a job up till now?


  1. Give the correct verb forms :

1.      If she had been careful, she (not, lose) ……WOULDN’T HAVE LOST….her money.

2.      I (choose) ……WOULD CHOOSE….. this kind of work if I were younger.

3.      There (be) ……WILL BE….. more natural disasters if we don’t stop destroying the forest.

4.      I wish I (visit) ……HAD VISITED….. my grandparents last week.

5.      It’s pity you live so far away. I wish you (live) ……LIVED…….nearer.

6.      We wish you (come) ……WOULD COME……. to the party tonight.


4.      Give the correct forms of the adjectives:

1.      Mary is (fast) ………THE FASTEST…….. typist in her office.

2.      London is (big)………BIGGER……than Birmingham.

3.      My father doesn’t walk  (quickly) ……AS QUICKLY…. as my mother.

4.      Are you (good) ……BETTER…… at dancing than Tom?

5.      Of the three shirts, this one is the (pretty) ………PRETTIEST…….

5.      Rewrite the sentences , using comparison structure:

1.      He drives more carelessly than his sister.




2.      Cats aren’t as friendly as dogs.


3.      My house isn’t as far as yours.


4.      Nobody in my class is as intelligent as Tom.


5.      Lan is the thinnest of us.

->  No one of us  IS AS THIN AS LAN